I’m a young marketing professional living in Toronto, Canada. This is a food blog in honour of my grandmother, my Nana, who taught me many things, including my love of baking. I have further explained my motivation in my first post Why, which has also been copied below, and hope that you enjoy it.

Sarah Rosen

In memory of Shilly Rosen, Nana you are dearly missed.

Me and Nana 2007I lost my grandmother a couple years ago to cancer, and my life hasn’t really been the same since. She was one of my best friends, someone full of eternal wisdom for every one of my questions and problems (ranging from ‘how to bake salmon’ to ‘how to get this stain out of that fabric’ to advice when I would fight with my mom). She instilled a love of baking in me at a very young age, along with an infatuation for jewellery, a weakness for anything antique, and an inclination towards things that are, as she would say, “funky”. She was always calm in any situation, full of love, and proud of whatever I did. She was one of my role models, and I hope to make her proud in everything that I do. So I have created this blog in her honour, to fill with my interests, tips, recipes, and everything else that my Nana taught me.


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  2. How sweet is that.. 🙂 Grandmother’s have a special place in our hearts.. its just heavenly. Its really amazing that you share your memories of her..in the form of recipes through your blog. Totally enjoyed going through your posts.

    Good Luck! 🙂

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