Avocado, Grapefruit & Pistachio Salad

Avocado, Grapefruit & Pistachio SaladAs you probably know, I prefer fruits to vegetables, so this is a great salad to me! It’s an easy and versatile recipe that would pair well with many mains. The grapefruit really brightens it up, and the pistachios provide a great nutty texture. Scroll down for pictures, hope you enjoy! Continue reading


Enticing Cauliflower with Mustard-Lemon Butter

Closeup of Cauliflower with Mustard-Lemon ButterI’m always open to trying new foods, and my ever-present curiosity often results in interesting ‘I do not like this’ faces. Recently, my mom made a cauliflower side dish and the dressing smelt so good that I decided to brave the strange vegetable again…and I liked it! While my feelings towards the undressed version of the colourless cousin of broccoli haven’t changed, Continue reading

Actually Delicious Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I’m sure the scenario of your grandmother trying to convince you to eat your vegetables when you were little sounds quite familiar. I’m also sure that the thought of a vegetable like Brussels sprouts doesn’t usually produce a mouth watering sensation. Both of these sentiments are grounds for thinking that this recipe is one of the the last things you’d think I would post here, but I promise it’s worth it.

I am the first to admit that I’m not good with vegetables, and, until very recently, Brussels sprouts were definitely on my ‘Not’ list. Continue reading