Snowy Coconut Cupcakes

A Coconut CupcakeYou may have noticed with recipes like Amazing Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies and Enchanting Orange Coconut Cake, amongst others , that I’ve got a thing for coconut. I explained it in the latter recipe, but growing up spending weeks at a time in the Caribbean really influenced my tastes, giving my a propensity towards flavours like coconut, vanilla, and rum. I wanted to make something fun and festive, and these cute cupcakes with their tops that look like snowballs fit the bill, so I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

The $750 Decadence D’Or Cupcake

Decadence D'Or Inspired CupcakeI saw a blog listing the 10 most expensive desserts in the world, and despite my rational side telling my sweet tooth that they were ridiculous, I still wanted them. Check out the post yourself here and you’ll to see what I mean. In order to not spend thousands of dollars, I decided to make my own. So I give you my version of the $750 Decadence D’Or Cupcake.  Continue reading