Knitter Not-So-Anonymous

After writing this blog for a couple months, I have come to the realization that my posts are definitely mainly going to consist of recipes over ‘everything else grandmother’s teach you’, which I don’t think people will mind. That being said, I’ve got to talk about my rediscovered love of knitting, because it’s awesome, not just to add one to the ‘everything else’ category.

My Nana taught me to knit when I was quite young, the proof of which sits in a drawer with my childhood favourite doll Lizzy, the black clown from Grenada. The thought of a blonde haired, blue eyed toddler carrying around a black rag-doll clown everywhere seems quite absurd (and is a story for another time), but it happened and I knit her a pink blanket. As I got older, I got too busy for knitting and forgot how much I liked it. I still sewed (which is a topic for another day), but it definitely wasn’t cool to be knitting in your tweens and teens, so I consequently completely forgot about it.

Large cowl scarfI’ve been wanting an infinity scarf/chunky cowl (something similar to a smaller version of this picture) for a while and my friend said she’d knit me one if I provided the wool. I was on Queen St. West two weeks ago and happened to stumble across this fantastic wool store. Americo Original has amazing wools in beautiful colours and great knitting accessories, and I bought this beautiful chunky wool in a great purple (and, they ship everywhere for you non-Torontonians). I had originally purchased a light grey colour and raved about the store to my Bubbie the next day over lunch, and my cousin who was in from New York chimed in that she decided she want’s to learn how to knit and that the three of us should go down there to pick up supplies so Bubbie could Merino Copito Wool - Dark Fuschiateach us. Before I knew it, I had gone back down to Americo, exchanged the wool for a colour that better suited me, got needles, and was back at my grandparent’s apartment having a knitting lesson. Now, I still don’t really know how to start it, and had to go back for attaching my next bundle of wool and casting off, but once I got going, the rhythm came back to me I became hooked. I literally spent my new years eve sitting on my couch, knitting and watching the ball drop. Wow I sound like an old woman, but what can I say, I’m addicted.

It took me a few hours over two days to finish my scarf, which shocked everyone, including myself and my uncle who had a bet going that neither my cousin nor I would actually finish them. I’ve been wearing it every day since and getting tons of compliments. A co-worker of mine liked it so much that I’ve offered to knit her one if she provides the wool. I am proud to be a knitter not-so-anonymous, though between the baking, sewing, cooking, and knitting, I sound like a regular Susie home-maker.


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